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Juvenile Justice Focus Groups - Franklin County Juvenile Court

Thoughtwell scheduled and recruited participants for ten focus groups conducted in February 2018. Thoutghtwell recruited participants through local library branches, settlement houses, and recreation sites. Additional flyers were distributed to several other contacts who work directly with youth and families to assist with recruitment and outreach efforts.

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Capital Impact Partners: Year One Evaluation of the Detroit Program and Stay Midtown

Capital Impact Partners (Capital Impact) is a national community development financial institution (CDFI), engaged in a place-based investment approach to its activity in Detroit. In addition to lending for mixed-use project development, Capital Impact invests in policy and research, programmatic support, local capacity building, and other community development-related activity.

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State of Poverty Report - 2017

Systems in Ohio, such as Medicaid, child care, and higher education are all integral to families who live near the poverty line, and many families waver between qualifying and not qualifying for public assistance based on small changes in income. Married parents with two children living at the poverty level can expect to spend 73% of their income on center-based child care; when coupled with other necessities such as food and housing, child care costs are simply too expensive to afford.

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Fox Cities LIFE Study

For United Way Fox Cities, Thoughtwell developed their Leading Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) Study into an interactive website for 2016. Around 200 indicators relating to demographics, economic, social, educational, environmental and health aspects of community life in the Fox Cities were collected, analyzed and visualized, using a wide range of dynamic charts.

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City of Columbus and Franklin County Consolidated Plan 2015-2019

Thoughtwell prepared a new 5-year Consolidated Plan for the City of Columbus and Franklin County, Ohio, which is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Both Consolidated Plans are the result of a collaborative process to identify housing and community development needs and to establish goals, priorities, and strategies to address those needs, especially for low and moderate income households.

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Franklin County Youth Needs Assessment, Birth-12

In partnership with Action for Children (AfC), Franklin County Jobs and Family Services (FCDJFS), Franklin County Children Services (FCCS), Future Ready (FR), The Ohio State University Early Head Start (OSU EHS), the United Way of Central Ohio (UWCO), and the YMCA of Central Ohio (YMCA), Thoughtwell completed a needs assessment for Franklin County youth between birth and 12 years old.

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