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Thoughtwell collects, analyzes, and makes available original and secondary data to enhance understanding of community conditions, trends, resources, and needs.



2017 State of Poverty Report

The 2017 State of Poverty report begins by defining poverty. This year’s report displays a map of Ohio’s 88 counties and shows how the population below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level has changed since 2000. Statewide there are more families hovering close to the poverty level than there were 15 years ago, although there are fewer families below the poverty level. Systems in Ohio, such as Medicaid, child care, and higher education are all integral to families who live near the poverty line, and many families waver between qualifying and not qualifying for public assistance based on small changes in income.



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Thoughtwell is a team of innovative, responsive and talented professionals. They created and manage a complex and unique database that meets our data reporting needs. We would not have been able to compile and report out our data without their assistance.
— Nikki Scarpitti, Columbus Metropolitan Library

Thoughtwell has been a reliable partner in our effort to understand and address the most pressing social challenges in our state. Their work lends credibility and validity as we encourage decision-makers to develop policies that improve the lives of Ohioans who struggle in poverty.
— Josh Summer, Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies