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Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day is a global platform that offers the opportunity
to create awareness of the importance for women and girls to hygienically
manage their menstruation – in privacy, safety and with dignity –
wherever they are.”    
WASH United


Through a Workforce lens, lack of these products means:
- missed work
- missed days of school

Through a Health lens, lack of these products means:
-unsafe or ineffective improvised sanitation

Through an Economic lens, the expense of these products means:
-diverting limited personal financial resources to menstrual products when,
in some cases, these resources are needed for food or medicine


In participation with Aunt Flow, and inspiration from Free The Tampons, CRP asked:
"Do you know of any public places, businesses, or workplaces that provide free menstrual products in the restroom?"

Half of our respondents marked "Yes" and the other half "No"!


Of those answering Yes, some shared the names of these places, which include:

  • City of Columbus Rec Centers (some)
  • Ohio State
  • Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church
  • Jeni’s Ices Creams
  • Cap City Diner

Kudos to the above organizations for providing free menstrual products!

Local organizations making a difference: