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Seasonal And Daily Crime Patterns in Columbus

This Data Byte explores the patterns of crime in Columbus over the course of one year (2009), analyzing patterns for major categories of crime by date, day of the week, and month and for holidays. We found that:

  • Seasonal crime patterns in Columbus differed from national trends, with crime peaking in the spring (May and June), rather than in the summer.
  • The most frequent day of the week for crime in 2009 was Friday.
  • Crimes against society (e.g., drugs, prostitution)happened most often in July, and crimes against persons (e.g., violence, sexual) occurred most often on Saturdays.

Bonus: In response to readers’ interest in the calendar visualization in this Data Byte, we have made available (in the publications below) our calendar-based data visualization tool. Simply paste in your own daily data and a color shaded calendar will be produced.



Calendar Data Visualization Template

CRP Data Byte No. 6: Seasonal and Daily Crime Patterns in Columbus