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Transformation in a changing world: The post millennials are coming!!


Attending a workshop on building community with millennials recently, I learned something I hadn’t known about my generation.[1] Millennials, or Generation Y-ers, are all about low commitment to membership organizations. The laid-back millennial attitude to brand loyalty has been much discussed but now it turns out that, analogous to taking that seventh free trial of Amazon Prime rather than just signing up, millennials are very reluctant to commit to a gym, a volunteer program, or a church, at least until they really feel at-home.

At a different event, a think tank that runs 10-year forecasts explained how the “gameful mindset” of many young people coming of age now, the so-called post millennials, will give them a competitive advantage in the job market.[2] That’s right: it looks like the hard hours put into playing video games could have a big career-shaped payoff (that’ll teach you not to sneer at your younger sister’s Minecraft binges). Interaction via apps and online social media is instinctive to those of high school and college age in a way that older folks just don’t get, for all of our compulsive posting and tweeting. And these true digital natives[3] have revolutionary potential. Just look at the media savvy March for Our Lives movement.

The thread that ties low-commitment millennials and post millennial gamers is the ever-changing world. No person of any age fits neatly into a generational mold, of course. But an awareness of how the consumer-citizens of the future will interact with the world is crucial for organizations to remain relevant. How is your business, non-profit, or public institution informing and welcoming change? How are you contributing to the debate?

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[1] Now you can learn something about millennials, too. Pew Research Center have FINALLY decided who we are:

[2] Author’s notes, taken in a surprisingly chilly San Antonio.

[3] Institute for the Future’s term.