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No, this is not a threat.  But you do need to get out of the office.  Use your vacation time. People have time-off with pay and of course they’d jump at the chance to use it, right?  That’s not always the case in America, although this study says we are doing better.  The main reasons people don’t use their vacation time are fear and guilt.  Fear of the ton of work they’ll face when they get back to work.  Fear of not looking like they are committed to the organization.  Others fear layoffs even in this time of relative economic stability.  They bank as much paid time off as possible so they can get cash if they are laid off. Other workers fear they are just too valuable; no one else knows how to do their job. A supervisor or manager may fear that the team will lose focus while they are gone.  Cross training and delegating are needed here. Employees can feel guilty that other staff members have extra work due to covering for them.  Still other employees believe they can never be disconnected.  They are constantly checking their inbox so they don’t miss something.  But let’s look at the costs of not taking vacations.  Stress, burn-out, depression, overwork, fatigue, rigidity, and illness are all cited as reasons why we need to get away.  The costs of not recharging are significant.  Taking vacations has been shown to lead to more creativity and innovation.  That’s more of what today’s workforce needs, and that’s why you need to take a vacation.