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We can’t be right all the time


For passionate individuals, sometimes the hardest thing is to accept that what we believe in, and take for granted, is fallible.

Each of us is affected by the consequences of what decision-makers decide to do, whether they are politicians, public sector leaders, or business managers. Most of us have opinions about whether the decisions being made are correct, and have alternative suggestions if we believe they are not.

The problem is, in a world where each of the nearly 8 billion people now living have a particular and unique set of beliefs, it is not enough for society to find metrics for determining what actually is right (although that is a worthy quest): we also need individuals to be willing to concede that they may in some instances be wrong.

We hold our ideals sacred for admirable reasons: we want to make the world a better place, and we are personally invested in our favored solution. We may have done research and advanced a theory that we want to advocate for. We might have a deeply-held conviction that is nurtured and emboldened by our faith beliefs. Perhaps we have a devoted family member who fought for a cause, or a friend who was suffered injury because others did not hear the message we believe to be right.

But we can’t be right all the time.