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What do you need from your survey?


Like snowboards and snowstyle, survey writing is currently in season at Thoughtwell. Surveys allow us to gain insight for those we work with into specific populations: a potential market that a retailer wishes to sell a product to; program recipients whose feedback is necessary to understand the program’s success; or the total population of a geographic area that we want to know more about.

Two things are of critical importance in survey design: getting enough surveys completed thoroughly and returned so that we can draw meaningful conclusions from the data, and deciding which questions are asked. Good survey visibility (via email, social media, and mailing lists) and incentives can get the surveys filled in, but a good choice of questions is essential to get the answers you need. What do you need to know? What is interesting to know, but for the purposes of your needs secondary? Thoughtwell works with you to pick out the need questions, then limits the number of interesting questions, to help keep survey respondents’ interest. Requiring simple one-click answers as often as possible, and few in-depth paragraph answers, also lowers the risk of survey fatigue.  

What do you need to know?

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