Community Research Partners is now Thoughtwell.



What A Ride!

What a ride!  We’ve launched a new name, a new brand, and a new sense of who we are and how to talk about what we do.  We’ve looked at color palettes (it’s very helpful to be on vacation when imagining a new look), logos, images, and fonts.  Our incredibly talented (and remarkably patient!) designers at Fulcrum Creative have walked us through the development of new report, project scope and DataByte templates.  We have new business cards, a new sign on the door, and a new way to approach presenting your data in a way that is meaningful to you and the people you care about.

We’re developing paths to make sure we’re talking to you in ways that works for you (huge shout out to our social media guru, Curtis Brown) – and hope you’ll continue to provide feedback on what we can do more – or less – to make sure you get the answers you need to the important questions you’re trying to answer every day.

And.  When you look beyond the pretty new look, the transformation to make us more relatable, you’re going to see what you’ve always seen:  a team that is absolutely dedicated to community.  They are some of the smartest and most caring individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  And they let me speak for them on occasion.  So here’s what I know they’d want to say:

We believe that just as physical activity and good nutrition is essential for a healthy and happy life, thoughtful, educated awareness of what’s going on in the community, and how we’re doing in our many separate and collective efforts to improve our community, is essential for a healthy, happy, strong, vibrant, inclusive community.  Keep asking questions; we’ll be right here ready to help you find your answers.