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All of us deal with data every day in our lives. Starting from infancy, a person begins to interact with data. The ability to collect and process data, however, is of little value in itself. It is the remarkable ability of humans to analyze and evaluate the information to allow the data to be of importance. The information itself is of little use if one is unable to critically analyze it and understand how it can be used to produce results and minimize errors.

Learning how to complete Rock-a–Stack or a Shape Sorting Cube involves a toddler registering data, such as the colors and shapes of the components of the toy. Once an infant has figured out that a component is a chunky, even, four-sided shape, he/she then needs to probe the Shape Sorting Cube to correctly insert it into the correct space.

Similarly, an adult, when learning how to drive a car, needs to identify the proper way to start a car, switch into gear, and accelerate while simultaneously observing objects around them cautiously, so as to avoid contact. Without even realizing it we collect and evaluate data every day.

But how much do we do this at our jobs? Organizations need someone to utilize the available data, whether it be program data or financial data, to examine and evaluate it to make the decision process more informed, smoother, and less error-prone. And that is exactly what we here at Thoughtwell do, in addition to collecting and compiling data, although a bit better than infants!

Written By: Zafir H.

Zafir HayatData, Jobs