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How to Overcome New Workplace Jitters: Don't Allow Your Jitters to Paralyze Your Performance

Beginning a new job or career can be extremely exciting. And, it can be extremely scary. Everyone has had the experience of starting something new, but a new job is unlike any other beginning. (Imagine being one of a few “non” researchers in a researcher organization!)

Some people allow negative thoughts, dismal feelings, or even anxiety to take over because they are either scared of what people might think about them or they are terrified about how they’ll do in their new position. Here are some easy tips to help anyone lessen anxiety when starting a new job.

Wake Up Earlier

Give yourself extra time in the morning to spend some time with yourself. Read your daily devotions, watch a little TV, or plan your day. This will help to ease your anxiety.

Get to Work before Your Co-Workers

If this is possible, arrive before your co-workers. This allows you to see everyone as they come in and it helps to see their smiling faces walk into the office. This also gives you an edge to start your day.

Make New Friends

Although, you’ll be focused on trying to wow your boss and colleagues, don’t forget to make new work friends. Most of the time, you’ll find out you have more things in common with your co-workers than you initially think.

Be Patient with Yourself

Of course, you want to do everything right the first time and be your absolute best, but don’t become too overwhelmed with these feelings. Be patient with yourself and know that the only thing you can do is be your best self. Sometimes that includes a couple of mistakes. No one is perfect!

Enjoy Your Experiences

You’ve just began a new position and whether it’s your first job, a stepping stone, or close to your final bow, enjoy your experiences and take in all that your new job has to offer. You don’t want to think back and not remember the good times that you’ve had.  And remember that those smart people you work with have fears and insecurities of their own; you might never know the positive impact you had on them, but kindness, thoughtfulness, honesty and integrity will be a big hit no matter where you work.

Written By: Curtis B.