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Think outside the box


The holidays are upon us! Lots of gift giving occasions and lots of options.  But before you grab the first toy you’ve seen advertised on TV, or the old faithful gift card, think about the most precious commodity there is.  It may not be what you think it is.  Is it money, diamonds, or gold?  The people you care about may want another commodity that some say is more valuable than any of those.  TIME.  Author Rick Warren speaks to this in The Purpose Driven Life.  Consider giving them your time.  Instead of another toy, knickknack, or gift card, consider some sort of experience.  What do they enjoy?  Art, how about a museum membership or a visit with them?  Nature, you could plan a hike together in a metro park.  A car enthusiast, check out a classic car meet.  What I’m recommending is to consider an investment of time with those who are important to you.  You will both give and get a gift.