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What could you track?


Sometimes sitting at work, knee deep in numbers and spreadsheets and equations, it’s hard to remember some of the real life uses of data. But data are so much more than 5,000 row excel spreadsheets. Data can help us track progress (or lack thereof!), correct course, and tell a story.

One of my favorite uses of numbers is tracking my running. I have spreadsheets that show my running speeds and distances since 2013 (I’m guessing 50% of the readers just rolled their eyes). Looking back, I haven’t always seen steady improvement. I went from incredibly slow, to somewhat fast, and now I’m somewhere in between. Because I have been tracking every run for years, though, I can also see the variables that contributed. When I run 20 miles a week, I’m faster than when I run 5 miles a week. I’m also faster in winter than in summer. None of this is surprising, but I also wouldn’t know it without my obsessive tracking.

Analyzing running data is my hobby, but it’s easy to see how data tracking can help with planning and decision making when trying to achieve a goal. What in your life could you track, or record data on, to have the information you need to improve? Can Thoughtwell help you create your tracking goal and provide insights?

Becky ZwicklData, Tracking, Running