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What A Ride!

When you look beyond the pretty new look, the transformation to make us more relatable, you’re going to see what you’ve always seen:  a team that is absolutely dedicated to community.

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Lynnette Cook

All of us deal with data every day in our lives. Starting from infancy, a person begins to interact with data. The ability to collect and process data, however, is of little value in itself....

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Zafir Hayat
Reclaiming My Time

Admittedly, one of my weaknesses comes down to time management, something I’m continuously working to improve upon in both my professional and personal life. While I try to live outside of a set schedule or routine, I quickly learned that time management is an effective way to ensure that my life...

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Bruce Jones
When It's Time to Change

Your reaction to that word depends on a lot of things – your current mood, how your day is going, your values, whether you were picked on in high school, your tolerance for risk, etc.

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Lynnette Cook