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The cost of being cool

I happen to be in the “in their mid-20’s, post-college graduation, still trying to find my path in life, millennial” category of person. I understand why people have been drawn to cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston due to local amenities similar to those listed in the previous paragraph. I can also see people becoming increasingly drawn to Columbus by the relatively low cost of living combined with local amenities.

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You are what you...

We’ve heard it before “you are what you eat” and we know that what we put into our bodies impacts our health, our sleep, and our overall wellbeing. What we may not think about are the thousands of other chemicals we expose ourselves to every single day in the form of body care products, makeup, and fragrances.

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Give 3

So here’s my suggestion – let’s start a national campaign to build a social norm to give 3% to the nonprofit sector for its work to help individuals and communities, and feel good in the process.  3% of our GDP, 3% of our earnings, 3% of corporate revenue.

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Census changes and counting challenges.

Why does this addition to the Census matter? According to Secretary Ross, there is no evidence that the citizenship question will deter most people from answering the Census honestly. Many advocacy organizations, though, disagree and are adamantly opposed to a citizenship question. They believe that asking about citizenship will stop many people from filling out the Census, which will result in an undercount.

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