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Census changes and counting challenges.

Why does this addition to the Census matter? According to Secretary Ross, there is no evidence that the citizenship question will deter most people from answering the Census honestly. Many advocacy organizations, though, disagree and are adamantly opposed to a citizenship question. They believe that asking about citizenship will stop many people from filling out the Census, which will result in an undercount.

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Becky ZwicklThoughtwell
We can’t be right all the time

The problem is, in a world where each of the nearly 8 billion people now living have a particular and unique set of beliefs, it is not enough for society to find metrics for determining what actually is right (although that is a worthy quest): we also need individuals to be willing to concede that they may in some instances be wrong.

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Your numbers are wrong

That’s the most difficult sentence in the world for us.  Because we get it; data aren’t reflective of any one individual experience, specifically because they are an aggregation of what’s happening across a lot of different experiences.  So of course numbers never tell the whole story. 

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Lynnette CookThoughtwellData
What do you need from your survey?

Two things are of critical importance in survey design: getting enough surveys completed thoroughly and returned so that we can draw meaningful conclusions from the data, and deciding which questions are asked. Good survey visibility (via email, social media, and mailing lists) and incentives can get the surveys filled in, but a good choice of questions is essential to get the answers you need.

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